Best MIDI Keyboard Under ₹20000 in India 2022

MIDI Keyboards are the most important part of any studio. There are huge range of MIDI keyboards are available in the online and offline markets. As a beginners, Do you want to buy new MIDI keyboard for your home studio ? But, are you confused by such type of questions like Which is the best budget MIDI keyboard ? What’s the Best MIDI keyboard for home studio ? Which is the Best MIDI Keyboard Under ₹20000 ? Don’t Worry, this blog helps you a lot to find the best MIDI keyboard for you according to your need and budget.

First of All, Let’s checkout that what’s MIDI keyboard & What’s the different types of MIDI keyboard ? Which MIDI keyboard is best for you according to your need ?

What is MIDI keyboard?

A MIDI keyboard or controller keyboard is typically a piano-style electronic musical keyboard. There are a lots of different type of MIDI keyboard. Some MIDI Keyboard have extra buttons, wheels and sliders which is used for sending MIDI signals or commands over a USB or MIDI 5-pin cable to other musical devices or computers. As we know, MIDI keyboard is a piano-style keyboard, So it becomes very fast and easy to create any chord or melody.

MIDI keyboards are not only build for studio purpose. There are lots of MIDI keyboards are specially build for live performances. MIDI Keyboards are also build for beginners students who wants to learn keyboard instrument like piano. Some MIDI keyboards have their own sounds they don’t need any external output device or music productions software to work properly. In this post, we will cover MIDI keyboards for studio work.

3 Most Important Controller of MIDI Keyboard:-

1.) Faders

Faders of MIDI Keyboards

Mostly faders are used in mixer controllers to control the volume of each channel. But if MIDI keyboard have faders. They may be used for controlling volume or control the EQ level or you can also assign the faders according to your need. You can use these faders for different tasks according to your need. Use of faders are very easy just slide up to increase the value and slide down to decrease the desired value.

2.) Knobs

Knobs of MIDI Keyboard

A knob is also a different type of controller like fader in mixer control. Knobs are basically helpful for controlling the EQ level this knobs can also be used to control the effects of synth plugin. knobs are very easy to use just rotate clockwise to increase the desired value and rotate anti-clockwise to decrease the desired value.

3.) Drum Pads

Drum Pads are the cool backlit square shaped rubber pads usually numbering between 8 and 16 (but can be less or more). Drum Pads are another versatile feature of MIDI keyboards. You can use this pads very easily. Each drum pads act as a controller to start and stop the loop. You can also map each pad to a specific sound and use the pads as a sampler or musical interface. This is especially great if you want to simulate drums, as the touch responsiveness of the pads can come in really handy. Most DAWs allow up to four functions to be assigned to each pad and yes, everything is customizable.

A Short Comparison of All MIDI Keyboards:-

MIDI KeyboardsNumbers of KeysTypes of KeysDrum PadsKnobs/FadersBuy Now on Amazon
Samson Graphite 49 49 KeysSynth Action4 Backlit Drum Pads9 FadersCheck Price
Nektar Impact LX49+49 KeysSynth Action8 Backlit Drum Pads9 FadersCheck Price
M-Audio Oxygen 61 IV61 KeysSynth Action8 Backlit Drum Pads8 Knobs/9 FadersCheck Price
Arturia KeyLab Essential 4949 KeysSynth Action8 Dynamic Drum Pads9 Knobs/9 FadersCheck Price
Arturia Key Step Black Midi Keyboard61 KeysSynth Action 8 Dynamic Drum Pads4 KnobsCheck Price

Let’s Checkout the List of Best MIDI Keyboard Under ₹20000 in India:-

1.) Samson Graphite 49 USB MIDI Keyboard

Samson Graphite 49 USB MIDI Keyboard

Samson Graphite 49 have 49 velocity sensitive key. In this price range, keys of this MIDI keyboard feels extremely good. This MIDI keyboard is centered on middle C but the octave up and down buttons allow the shifting of octaves up and down.

Transpose buttons are also available that allow the keyboard to be transposed by an octave in semitone steps. There are nine faders and 8 rotatory encoders are also available. Extremely good considering the price.

There are additionally 16 buttons which can have MIDI data assigned to them. Four pads are also available which is very easy to use. This is very good MIDI keyboard in this price range.

2.) Nektar Impact LX49+ MIDI Keyboard

Nektar Impact LX49+ MIDI Keyboard

Nektar Impact LX49+ MIDI keyboard have 49 synth action keys. All the keys are covered against the dirt. With the help of 4 different velocity curves it’s very easy to play any kind of melody. If you need consistent sound you can choose 3 fixed velocity presets. Octave and transpose buttons are also available, so you can quickly shift the keyboard up or down as per your need.

Nine 30mm faders, 9 MIDI buttons and 8 encoders are at the center of Impact LX+’s control panel. In this MIDI keyboard almost all types of different types of controllers are available. Which make it very easy to control any DAW using this MIDI keyboard. 8 backlight drum pads are also available which is very easy to use. This MIDI Keyboard is best in this price range.

3.) M-Audio Oxygen 61 IV MIDI Keyboard

M-Audio Oxygen 61 IV MIDI Keyboard

M-Audio Oxygen 61 IV MIDI keyboard have 61 velocity sensitive keys. In this MIDI Keyboard all other types of faders, knobs and drum pads are available which allow you to recording & mixing continuously even without touching the mouse.

This MIDI keyboard have 8 assignable knobs for tweaking effect plugins and virtual instruments. 8 velocity-sensitive pads are also available for triggering samples or finger drumming. 9 assignable faders for mixing tracks together and controlling the master output.

Oxygen 61 also has dedicated transport controls and track-up and -down buttons that allow you to initiate play, stop, and record in the DAW environment right from your keyboard controller. This MIDI keyboard provide you full control of DAW without touching the mouse. In this price range, this MIDI keyboard is best for beginners as well as professionals.

4.) Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 MIDI Keyboard

Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 MIDI Keyboard

Arturia Keylab Essential 49 MIDI keyboard have 49 synth action keys. You can shift the octave up and down with the octave shift buttons. A chord feature is also included to save a chord and then to play and transpose it with a single key press. RGB back-lit pads features switchable modes, which helps to create beats.

This MIDI keyboard have automatically assigned knobs and faders which are very helpful to control the panning and level of tracks. This MIDI keyboard have different types of controller to control the full DAW. This MIDI keyboard is best MIDI keyboard in this price range.

5.) Arturia Key Step Black Midi Keyboard

Arturia Key Step Black Midi Keyboard

Arturia Key Step MIDI keyboard is compatible with practically all existing synthesizers, either analog or digital, hardware or software. The three CV outputs send pitch and gate signals along with velocity, aftertouch or mod. ribbon signal to control an analog instrument or module.

The MIDI DIN output can be used to control any MIDI hardware instrument while the USB connection allows you to control your plugins and virtual instruments. This MIDI keyboard have 3 three special modes to make the awesome creations.

Key Step also integrates a socket for a sustain pedal, sync input and output to follow or send a clock signal, and MIDI input to use an external keyboard or use KeyStep as a MIDI to CV converter. This MIDI keyboard is different from all of MIDI keyboard in this list.

Our Recommendation Best MIDI Keyboard:-



All of the MIDI keyboard are best in this list of Best MIDI Keyboard Under ₹20000 in India. These MIDI keyboard can be used by any type of users because most of the MIDI keyboard have almost all type of controllers to control the DAW. Our recommendation is M-Audio Oxygen 61 IV MIDI keyboard for all type of user in this price range.

You can pick any one of the MIDI keyboard according to your need and budget. Both of the MIDI keyboard of Arturia is unique in this list and give awesome performance with precise velocity sensitivity. Nektar and Samson is also best MIDI keyboard and have only 49 keys nor too big neither too small. This MIDI keyboard are for those who want to control full DAW but don’t want a big MIDI keyboard.


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