Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India 2023

An audio mixer is one of the most important pieces of equipments for live recording in a studio or at a live show. There are different types of audio mixers are available in the online & offline market. For the best audio output, you must have the best Audio mixer. So, if you are going to buy a new Audio mixer for yourself then, that’s the best place for you. We created a list of the top 5 best Audio Mixers in India in 2023.

Before going to the list you need to know some basic things about Audio mixers. Some important things to consider when buying a new Audio Mixer. First of all, we will talk about what’s Audio mixer. Why do we need an Audio Mixer? and many more.

What is Audio Mixer? Why do We need Audio Mixer?

Audio Mixer is an electronic device. You can guess the work of this device by its name also. It receives two or more audio signal from various devices like microphone, instruments and previously recorded audio & mix them in a proper way to give you a single output. This Audio mixer is mostly used in live shows to do instant mixing of all the instruments very easily & efficiently.

Now, why do we need an Audio mixer? We can also do the mixing of any song without a mixer with the help of any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). But Audio Mixers provide you more control over Audio signals coming from different sources or instruments playing simultaneously. That’s why Audio mixers are used in live shows or live recordings to mix the audio signal very accurately to give the audience a proper & clear sound.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Audio Mixer:-

1.) Analog or Digital

Mainly there are two types of Audio mixers available Analog and Digital. Both of the Audio mixers is very effective in live shows or live recording. But both Analog & Digital have their own advantages and disadvantages. Analog Audio Mixer is very easy to use and affordable.

Analog Audio Mixers
Digital Audio mixers

On the other hand, Digital Audio Mixers are a bit more complex in use and more costly than analog. But according to its price, it will give you more features and functionality. So, you can choose anyone from both the Analog & Digital Audio Mixer. You must know your requirement then, choosing the right one for you.

2.) Channel Count:-

Channel count is one of the most important points of any Audio Mixer. You must know your need and how many devices you want to connect. Channel count describes the number of devices connected simultaneously. There are lots of different categories are available based on the number of channels. Mainly for a normal home studio, the 24-channel mixer is efficient. You can have 24 audio devices with this, although there may be additional specialized inputs such as Tape or Talkback inputs.

24 Channel Audio Mixers

So, you must know your requirement then, choosing the right Audio mixer because Audio mixers are very expensive & you can’t upgrade it immediately.

3.) AUX Buses:-

AUX Buses are also very important because after mixing the output will be transferred to the speakers through these AUX buses. One AUX bus can be connected to one speaker only. AUX bus support mono sound. So, if you want to play stereo mixes then, you need two AUX buses. You can also use external AUX Buses but it’s a very complex setup to connect. That’s why You have to choose the right Audio Mixer for yourself according to your requirement.

4.) Onboard Signal Processing:-

Audio Mixers have some onboard signal processing on each channel or on each bus, and may have onboard processing on both. Onboard signal processing is also one of the important factors of any Audio Mixer. The more signal processing available on your mixer, the less money you will have to spend on outboard gear. Digital mixers provide considerably more signal processing than analog mixers, commonly including at least some dynamics processing and EQ. Some Audio Mixers have in-built reverb and delay processing. Make sure that onboard effects have their own dedicated aux bus, though; otherwise, you may have to sacrifice a monitor mix to add reverb or other effects to vocals and instruments.

5.) Recording Options:-

Now, there are lots of Audio Mixers are available with the ability of integrated recording. This can range from a simple two-track recording of the Main mix to a complete multitrack recording, either to an onboard recorder or to a computer, or both. Most modern mixers with recording features offer 24-bit recording at 44.1 kHz or higher.

Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India 2023

A Short Comparison of All the Audio Mixers:-

Audio MixersChannel CountAnalog/DigitalProduct ImageBUY NOW
Behringer QX602MP3 Premium 6-Input 2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamps12 ChannelAnalogBehringer Xenyx 1202FX Audio MixerBUY NOW
Yamaha MG12XU 12 In PA Mixer & USB Audio Interface – New

10 ChannelAnalogYamaha MG10 Audio MixerBUY NOW
Notepad-8FX Audio Mixer8 ChannelAnalogNotepad 8FX Small format Audio mixerBUY NOW
Mackie ProFXv3 Series, 12-Channel Professional Effects Mixer with USB, Onyx Mic Preamps and GigFX effects engine – (ProFX12v3)

8 ChannelAnalogMackie PROFX8V2 Audio MixerBUY NOW
MX 4 Channel Audio Mixer4 ChannelAnalogMX 4 Channel Audio MixerBUY NOW

List of Top 5 Best Audio Mixer in India 2022

1.) Behringer QX602MP3 Premium 6-Input 2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamps

Behringer QX602MP3 Premium 6-Input 2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamps Audio mixer has 12 channels to connect your input device. This Audio mixer allows you to effortlessly achieve premium-quality sound. 1202FX has 4 onboard studio-grade XENYX Mic Preamps and ultra-musical “British” channel EQs which upgrade the quality of vocals and instruments in live performance.

This Audio mixer has a 24-bit dual engine FX processor with 100 awesome presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter, and various multi-effects. This Audio mixer is best for live performances. You can use this Audio mixer for any type of recording or live performance because of FX processor with lots of awesome effects.

Behringer Xenyx 1202FX Audio Mixers
Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India 2023
  • Versatile Audio Mixer
  • 12 Channel in budget price
  • Integrated preamps for 4 Channels
  • 100 Awesome FX processor effects
  • Additional RCA inputs and outputs for auxiliary source.
  • Not a very high-end piece, mostly recommended for beginners and intermediate musicians.

2.) Yamaha MG12XU 12 In PA Mixer & USB Audio Interface – New

Yamaha MG12XU 12 In PA Mixer & USB Audio Interface – New Audio mixer deliver awesome level of sonic purity and sound quality. This Audio mixer allow you to take full advantage of the greater frequency response and high sound quality of condenser microphones because of it’s Phantom power. The input channel with PAD switch accepts MIC to line level of inputs. There are 10 input channel are available in this Audio mixer. Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India 2023.

Compression is also very important factor while recording or live performance. In order to compress an audio signal in a proper way, it need a lots of time. But in this audio mixer there is one single knob for compression is available which is well optimized for any type of audio signal.

This Audio mixer have a lots of FX effects for live recording which help in giving awesome audio output according to your need. This Audio mixer is one of the best Audio mixer for beginners as well as professional also.

Yamaha MG10 Audio Mixer
Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India 2023
  • 2/10 with Compression
  • 4/10 with phantom power and high filter pass.
  • Versatile I/O.
  • Quality Components.
  • Compact Size
  • Better for live mixing than recording as an AI.

3.) Notepad 8FX Audio Mixer

Notepad-8FX Audio mixer have 8 Channel for input devices. The Notepad-8FX have professional-grade analog components with renowned HARMAN digital signal processing and a built-in USB audio interface. So, you can directly use it with your DAW. This Audio Mixer have professional-grade Soundcraft microphone preamps, convenient XLR and 1/4” connectors, and durable metal enclosures built to stand the test of time.

This Audio mixer is very compact and easily fit in a gear bag and provide plenty of capability for writing sessions, rehearsals and gigs. This Audio mixer allow you to connect your favorite gear like microphones, guitars, keyboards and more.

The Notepad-8FX features premium, studio-quality effects by Lexicon that help you achieve truly professional sound without additional plug-ins or equipment. Enhance your projects with reverb, chorus, or delay with tap tempo control, backed by industry-leading signal processing technology built into the Notepad’s DSP engine. One of the best Audio mixer for beginners as well as professionals. Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India 2023

Notepad 8FX Small format Audio mixer
Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India 2023
  • Built-in sound card, you can directly connect it with your DAW.
  • Phantom Power 48V, you can record with condenser microphone.
  • Lexicon effects for adding reverb, delay, chorus and many more.
  • Only 3-band equalizer which provide less control than 5-band equalizer.

4.) Mackie ProFXv3 Series, 12-Channel Professional Effects Mixer with USB, Onyx Mic Preamps and GigFX effects engine – (ProFX12v3)

Mackie ProFXv3 Series, 12-Channel Professional Effects Mixer with USB, Onyx Mic Preamps and GigFX effects engine – (ProFX12v3) Audio Mixer have 8 channels for input devices. This Audio mixer has a built-in USB interface for easily recording your mix or playing music in live show. This Audio mixer features Vita preamps which are virtually noise-less with dual feedback stabilization and bias current optimization for unmatched ultra-noise performance.

This Audio mixer has FX effects which are provided by READYFX. This FX has almost all the necessary effects which are specially designed for the intensive processing of high quality audio. You can use any type of effects according to your need in live show or while recording.

This Audio mixer have live mixing tool kit which can control critical things like channel inserts and footswitchable FX mute, this Audio mixer have all the compulsory tool for live mixing or recording. Best Audio mixer for beginner as well as professionals.

Mackie PROFX8V2 Audio Mixer
Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India 2023
  • Lots of inputs with 4 XLR inputs.
  • Equipped with new ReadyFX Effects engine.
  • Vita Mic preamps.
  • Solid Steel chassis.
  • Crowded controls because of compact size, but they work well.

5.) MX 4 Channel Audio Mixer

MX 4 Channel audio mixer have 4 channel for input devices. AUX-bus main channel output, One AUX output and backtrack, 2-band EQ for each input channel, Built-in professional reverb,2-bus electronic balanced display.

With input gain and high bass adjustment, built-in +48V phantom power, high-definition headset output port, MP3 broadcast, Sound card function for the computer.

XLR plug and phone type plug can be connected what you want to use microphone or instrument, The combination of A4 and condenser microphone is more excellent, A4 can be operated using USB bus power or a mobile battery NOTE:USB Power Supply: Requires current must more than 1.5A, USB power supply voltage is greater than 5V.

Stereo input jack used to connect line-level instruments such as electronic keyboards and audio equipment. Two types of jacks are available: phone type and RCA pin type.

MX 4 Channel Audio Mixer
Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India 2023
  • 4 input Channel
  • XLR plug
  • Operated using USB power supply.
  • Phone type and RCA pin type inputs are available.
  • Very small & less number of channels.

Our Recommendation Best Audio Mixer:-


Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India 2023


Can I use an audio mixer for recording music at home?

Absolutely! Audio mixers are versatile tools that can be used for recording music at home. They allow you to control and balance multiple audio inputs, such as microphones and instruments, providing you with greater flexibility and control over your recordings.

Do all audio mixers come with built-in effects processors?

Not all audio mixers come with built-in effects processors. Some mixers offer basic mixing functionality without any built-in effects, while others provide a wide range of built-in effects, such as reverb, delay, and compression. Consider your specific requirements and budget when choosing an audio mixer with or without built-in effects processors.

How many inputs do I need in an audio mixer for live events?

The number of inputs you need in an audio mixer for live events depends on the complexity of your setup. Consider the number of microphones, instruments, and other audio sources you’ll be using simultaneously. It’s advisable to have a few additional inputs for flexibility and future expansion.

Can I connect a USB device to these audio mixers?

Many modern audio mixers feature USB connectivity, allowing you to connect USB devices such as computers, laptops, or USB audio interfaces. This feature enables easy recording, playback, and integration with digital audio workstations (DAWs) for enhanced flexibility and convenience.

What is phantom power, and why is it important in audio mixers?

Phantom power is a feature found in audio mixers that provides a direct current (DC) voltage to power condenser microphones. Condenser microphones require phantom power to operate and provide better sensitivity and audio quality. If you plan to use condenser microphones, ensure that the audio mixer you choose has phantom power capabilities.

Top 5 Best Audio Mixers in India

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