Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboard in India 2022

Are you looking for Best Gaming Keyboard to improve your gaming skills and performance ? Are you confused because of lots of gaming keyboard with same type of specifications ? Don’t worry, in this blog you will get the list of top 5 best gaming keyboard in India 2022. All the keyboard are selected on the basis of their build quality, looks and performance. These keyboards are the best in their price category and provide you amazing gaming experience. Let’s start the list of best gaming keyboard in India 2022.

Before going to the list lets discuss some important things to consider while purchasing gaming keyboard. Why gaming keyboard is needed ? Gaming keyboard is compulsory for gaming or not.

What is Gaming Keyboard & Why we need Gaming Keyboard ?

Gaming Keyboard is specially build for gamers. Gaming Keyboard have extra features like RGB backlight, media control buttons and other programmable buttons for easy and fast control over the game. Gaming keyboard buttons have mechanical switches which is more responsive and fast than normal keyboard. Buttons of gaming keyboard is specially build with different type of switches which prevent the accidental buttons press. These features definitely improve the gaming experience of any gamer. Now it’s time to know the important difference between normal and gaming keyboard & why gamers use gaming keyboard instead of normal keyboard.

Gaming keyboards are specially build for gamers and most of the gamers use gaming keyboard. There are lots of reason to use gaming keyboard while playing any multiplayer game on competitive level. Gaming keyboard is an advanced keyboard which have faster and improved response time. Build of gaming keyboard is ergonomic so it is very easy to use gaming keyboard with all programmable buttons. Also gaming keyboard have amazing looks which create proper environment for gaming in the night or dark room with its amazing RGB backlight. Gaming keyboard is much more durable than normal keyboard.

Important Things to Consider When Buying Gaming Keyboard

1.) Switch Type

Switch Type is important part of any gaming keyboard or normal keyboard. Switches are basically a technology below each key in the keyboard. Switches are used to register the keystrokes on the computer. These switches determine the feedback, durability and responsiveness of the keys. That’s why while buying any gaming keyboard you must choose perfect switch type for your need. There are mainly two type of switches in any keyboard. First one is Membrane and second one is Mechanical switches.

Membrane switches are build with the help of pressure sensitive pad and these keyboards are used by people who wants quite keypress. Keyboard with this type of switches are good but not best for extreme work. There are lots of games are available which are fully controlled by keyboard only and this type of games have lots of use of keyboard. So, you may face some problem with membrane switches while hardcore gaming. Membrane switches keyboard have almost silent keypress. Life span of this keyboard is 1-5 million keystrokes which is good but not best.

On the other hand, Mechanical switches are specially build for gaming and keyboard with mechanical switches are best for gaming. Mechanical switches have spring and lever based mechanism which provide more precise and responsive keypresses. That’s why most of the gamers always use gaming keyboard with mechanical switches. Mechanical switches keyboard are expensive than membrane but provide better performance, better lifespan and keypress feel is also amazing in mechanical type keyboard.

2.) Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting

Key Rollover is very interesting and important thing to consider when buying gaming keyboard. Key rollover is basically a property which measure the number of keypress register at once. Normal or standard keyboard have 2-3 key rollover means this keyboard can register 2-3 keypress at once. On the other hand, while gaming sometime you need to press more than 3 keys simultaneously and this time you will face the issue with the key register if your keyboard have low key rollover. That’s why most of the gaming keyboard have at least 6 key rollover and goes upto N key rollover.

Ghosting is basically another property which cause issue while pressing more keys simultaneously. If you press more than 2-3 keys in normal keyboard then, you may key register of any other key also which is not pressed and this is called ghosting and to prevent ghosting keyboard must have Higher key rollover.

3.) Build Quality

Build Quality is one of the most important property of any gadget. Build quality should be good sometime gamers are very aggressive while playing competitive games and use keyboard in rough way. Normal keyboard are build with PVC which may looks solid but these keyboards are easily breakable. PVC also deteriorate with time and develop shiny and oily surface keys which become harder to use while extreme gaming. On the other hand, Gaming keyboard are mostly build with metal backplates for durability and prevent the keyboard from breaking. Gaming keyboards are also build with plastic but there is ABS plastic is used which is durable and strong also.

4.) Backlighting

Backlighting is available with almost all gaming keyboard. Some gaming keyboard have single color light some gaming keyboard have RGB multi color light. You can also customize these lights according to you. Single color backlight doesn’t have much customization settings but RGB color backlights have lots of customization and you can also sync these lights with your gameplay. Backlights doesn’t affect the performance of gaming keyboard but backlight definitely improve the looks of the gaming set-up. You can choose backlights of the gaming keyboard according to your budget.

5.) Software Customization

Gaming keyboard have some extra keys like media control keys and programmable keys. These programmable keys can be assigned to particular type of action in game which helps to easily use the action and improve the gameplay experience. You can also record the sequence of keystrokes and mouse clicks with the help of these software customization which enable to use multiple action with a single tap. Different gaming keyboard have different type of software customization which improve the gameplay experience amazingly. That’s why software customization is one of the important things to consider when buying gaming keyboard.

A Short Comparison of All the Gaming Keyboard

Gaming KeyboardConnectivityBacklightRatingsBUY NOW
Logitech G213 Gaming KeyboardWired USB16.8 Million colors4.5Check Price
Redragon Karura K502 Wired USB Gaming KeyboardWired USB7 RGB Backlight4.3Check Price
Redragon Shiva K512 Gaming KeyboardWired USBRGB Backlight4.3Check Price
ZEBRONICS Zeb-Transformer K2 Gaming KeyboardWired USBLED Backlight4.3Check Price
Redragon Kumara K552 Gaming KeyboardWired USBRGB Backlight4.6Check Price

List of Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboard in India

1.) Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard is membrane switch type keyboard but in this keyboard standard membrane switches are not used. This keyboard have 4 times faster response time than standard keyboard. The keys of the keyboard are specially built for gamers which provide good tactile feel. There is also Anti-ghosting gaming matrix to provide good gaming experience and control the keypress register when you are pressing multiple keys simultaneously. Separated media control buttons are also given to control the media easily while gaming.

This gaming keyboard have amazing RGB backlight. You can change color to match our gaming setup. You can synchronize lighting effects with other Logitech G devices using Logitech Gaming Software. Brightness of RGB backlight is perfect which helps you to find your keys in the dark. There are different presets are also available. Either you can use this lightning presets or customize according to your gaming setup.

Build Quality of this keyboard is awesome. Body of the keyboard is very slim and durable that repels liquids and dust. This keyboard is very comfortable for long time use also because of it’s palm rest and adjustable feet. There is separate game mode is available which change it’s sensitivity according to your gameplay. You can also assign macro keys according to your comfort for easy and faster control over the game.

Overall, one of the best gaming keyboard with membrane switches. Because of membrane switches it provide almost silent key press. We personally recommend this gaming keyboard because this gaming keyboard is proper affordable package of performance and looks with amazing build quality.

Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard
  • Multiple lighting schemes
  • Sync with other Logitech G products.
  • Affordable
  • Liquid resistant
  • Membrane switches not mechanical switches
  • Key reassignment only work on function keys

2.) Redragon Karura K502 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard

Redragon karura K502 Wired Gaming Keyboard have104 Keys with quiet Island-style Chiclet keys designed for longevity, durability and responsiveness. Keys of this keyboard have less resistance than standard keyboard so, you need to require less work to type and play the game. But this keyboard also give precise tactile feedback.

Backlight of this gaming keyboard is decent. This keyboard have 6 different Lighting modes & effects with 4 backlight brightness levels. You can also adjust breathing speed or completely turned off illumination. The Laser engraved keycaps offering clear uniform backlighting. But personally we don’t like its backlight. This gaming keyboard have lots of customizable option you can customize according to your gaming setup.

This Gaming Keyboard ergonomic design to provide superb typing tool for office work as well. Accuracy and response time of this gaming keyboard is good. You can use this keyboard for long time gaming because it have palm rest to provide proper comfort while using it. This keyboard have 25 conflict free and 12 multimedia keys. You can assign the multimedia keys according to your requirement. These keys provide easy and faster control over the game.

Overall, good gaming keyboard for gamers with good gaming skills. This keyboard provide good gaming experience with the help of its faster response time. This keyboard have ergonomic design which provide comfort and easiness for long time use. You can choose this gaming keyboard if you need low resistance keys. It may not be able to provide proper tactile feel but precise quality is good.

Redragon Karura K502 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Affordable
  • Silent low profile keys
  • Only fits well with the RED setup
  • RGB Backlight is not so good

3.) Redragon Shiva K512 Gaming Keyboard

Redragon Shiva K512 gaming keyboard have 6 onboard macro keys. These keys are programmable and works amazingly without any software. You can assign these keys to any particular action of the game which helps to use multiple action at once easily. This gaming keyboard also have Anti-ghosting property which allows for 26 keys to work simultaneously for fast and accurate game response. Separated media control buttons are also given in this gaming keyboard and with the help of these keys you can control media with the gameplay.

Backlight of this gaming keyboard is good. This gaming keyboard have full dynamic customizable RGB backlighting. You can customize and synchronize the backlight of the gaming keyboard with your gaming setup. Backlight of this gaming keyboard is very bright and proper illuminate each key which help to easily identify every key in the dark.

This keyboard also have palm rest and this one is more comfortable than other because it’s detachable. You can detach the palm wrist when you don’t want to use this. This keyboard provide comfortable experience for long time use. Software is also available for customization of backlight effects and assigning the macro functions. You can customize and synchronize the backlight with your gaming setup and also assign the actions of the game with the programmable keys which helps to control game easily and fast.

Overall, good gaming keyboard this keyboard have mechanical switches which provide amazing tactile feel. Backlight is also awesome and very comfortable for long time use. You can choose this keyboard if you need mechanical switches keyboard.

Redragon Shiva K512 Gaming Keyboard
  • Mechanical Key Switches
  • RGB backlight gaming keyboard
  • Matt and delicate Keycaps
  • Ergonomic design
  • Make click sound while key press
  • Not supported in low-end PC

4.) ZEBRONICS Zeb-Transformer K2 Gaming Keyboard

Zebronics ZEB-Transformer K2 is one of the best gaming keyboard. This gaming keyboard have 104 keys with 12 integrated keys. Response rate is good which helps to fully control the game easily. Keys of this gaming keyboard provide tactile feel which make it comfortable to use for long time. A small palm rest is also available but palm rest is not as big as other gaming keyboard.

Backlight of this keyboard uses multi-color LED lights. There are different light modes are also available. You can change the light mode according to your requirement. There are 3 brightness level is also available to adjust the ambient light according to your preference. Build quality is also good. Back panel is build with plastic which looks good and strong also. Cable is braided to provide extra life span to the keyboard. Length of the cable is 1.8m which is pretty good.

Overall, this gaming keyboard is good for beginners as well as professional gamers. There is rubber pads are available on the base which prevent it to slip on the desk. Switches of this keyboard works properly and provide good and fast response rate with precision. You can also assign the integrated keys with your desired action in the games. These keys helps to provide easy and faster control over the game. You can choose this gaming keyboard if you need gaming keyboard in your budget. This keyboard is affordable and according to its price, it provide good gaming experience.

ZEBRONICS Zeb-Transformer K2 Gaming Keyboard
  • Metal top and thick plastic base make it very strong
  • Long Braided Cable
  • Rubber pads to avoid slipping on the desk
  • Keys are not equally tactile
  • Only 3 light color combination

5.) Redragon Kumara K552 Gaming Keyboard

Redragon Kumara K552 gaming keyboard is little different keyboard in this list. This gaming keyboard have only 87 Key. This keyboard doesn’t have numeric keypad. Mechanical switches in this gaming keyboard works properly which provide durability and faster response rate than standard keyboard. All the keys are conflict free which prevent the ghost register of keys while using multiple keys simultaneously. This anti ghosting feature provide amazing experience while playing any multiplayer game.

Backlight of this gaming keyboard is amazing. We personally love the backlight of this gaming keyboard. This gaming keyboard RGB LED backlight. Brightness and lettering of the light is perfect. You can easily identify every keys in the darkest room also and use it very easily. You can also customize the backlight of this gaming keyboard according to your gaming setup. There are 5 different modes are available for all 87 keys.

Build Quality of this gaming keyboard is awesome. This Gaming keyboard is constructed of metal alloy and ABS. Keys of this gaming keyboard are very tactile. Placement of every key is perfect and easily assessable. But there is no any palm rest available in this gaming keyboard so, you may have some problem while using it for long time gaming. One of the feature we personally like in this keyboard is that you can easily remove the keycaps if you want to clean the keyboard.

Overall, this gaming keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboard. The build quality and performance of this gaming keyboard is amazing. Separated multimedia keys are also given to control the multimedia with the gameplay. This keyboard is splash proof also which helps to prevent it from little amount of water. You can choose this gaming keyboard if you are professional gamer. This gaming keyboard is totally worth it according to its price. Backlight and looks of this gaming keyboard is really awesome. One thing you will miss in this gaming keyboard is palm rest, otherwise this is amazing in everything from performance to looks.

Redragon Kumara K552 Gaming Keyboard
  • Mechanical Switches
  • Water resistant/ splash proof
  • Affordable
  • Keycaps feels little thicker

Our Recommendation Best Gaming Keyboard in India:-


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.) Does it matter which keyboard you have for gaming ?

For good gaming, you need two things first of all, good controllers gadgets and second one is good gaming skills. Some people says that keyboard doesn’t matter only skills matter but we want to say that both are compulsory because if you have amazing gaming skills but your keyboard is not capable to handle the faster keypress and not enough responsive then, you may face problem while playing competitive multiplayer gamers. So, your mouse and keyboard also have such capabilities to register all the keypress as soon as you press the keys for faster and immediate actions.

Question 2.) Is Gaming Keyboard necessary ?

Gaming keyboard is not necessary for playing games because you can also use any keyboard (including the one you are using right now) for gaming. You must have amazing skills for good gaming. But, gaming keyboard definitely helps to improve the game play because it is specially optimized for games and there are lots of features which allow to easily control the games. So, gaming keyboard is not necessary but having a gaming keyboard is worth it.

Question 3.) Is membrane keyboard is good for gaming ?

Membrane keyboard is also good for gaming there is not any compulsion of using a mechanical keyboard for gaming. Because membrane keyboard also have proper key register technology and have enough response time to play any game. It totally depends on you which keyboard you are comfortable with. But mechanical keyboard provide good tactile feedback and amazing response time which make it comfortable for long time use.

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