Top 5 Best Gaming Monitor in India 2022

For proper gaming experience, you must have good monitor or display to view the full graphics of games. There are lots of monitors are available but we can’t use every monitor for gaming. Because graphics of games can be display on a particular type of display. If you need immersive gaming experience then, you must use gaming monitors as gaming monitors have high screen resolution and high refresh rate which help to easily render full graphics of games. Today gaming and E sports becomes very important part of gaming community. So, if you are looking for best gaming monitor for yourself, then you are at the right place. We have created a list of top 5 best gaming monitor in India 2022. All the gaming monitors in this list is selected on the basis of their build quality and performance level. So, lets start the list of top 5 best gaming monitor in India 2022. But before going to the list lets understand some important information about gaming monitors like what is gaming monitor ? Why we need gaming monitor ? and Important things to consider while purchasing Gaming monitor.

What is Gaming Monitor & Why we need it ?

There are lots of different type of monitors are available. Some monitors have simple specification for office work, some monitors have amazing color accuracy for proper color grading of any photo or video while doing editing work. Some monitors have extra ordinary feature like high screen resolution, curved and unique aspect ratio, high refresh rate and many more other features which helps to improve the viewing experience of any video, game, or any other visual art. This type of monitors have lots of features & these features are made just to provide immersive gaming experience to the gamers. So, this type of monitors are called gaming monitors.

Now, the question is that do we really need a gaming monitor ? If there is a need of gaming monitor then, why only gaming monitors are selected for gaming? As we told you earlier that gaming monitors have higher specification than standard monitors. We can also use standard normal monitors for gaming. If we play high graphics games on normal monitors then, we may face the issue of frame drops or low graphic viewing experience. This low graphics can’t create a big problem for normal gamers but professional gamers may face some problem. Because they play games on competitive level & if they face any frame drop then, their reflexes also work according to that graphics which may affect the gameplay also. That’s why most of the gamers use gaming monitors with best specification which can easily render the high graphics and refresh rate of any game and provide amazing viewing experience.

Important Things to Consider while Purchasing Gaming Monitor

1.) Screen Size & Resolution

Screen Size & Resolution is the most important property of any type of display. You must have listen this two terms even if we buy smartphone then, we consider this two term. You must have notice that mobile companies provide screen size between 6-7 inch & HD, FHD or 4K Display resolution. Like the display of any mobile, this two term work similarly for monitors also screen size of standard gaming monitor can be between 24 inch to 40 inches. You can select any screen size according to your need and budget. It’s your personal choice to select the display size but when we talk about resolution then, you should consider higher resolution which you can purchase because when you choose the display with higher resolution then, you can play any high graphics game with immersive gaming experience.

2.) Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is the second most important feature of gaming monitor. Refresh rate basically describe the smoothness of video and games. Higher the refresh rate of gaming monitor smoother the video. Always consider higher refresh rate for gaming monitor. If you can’t spend more money then, try to buy at least 120-144 Hz refresh rate monitor. If you are professional gamer and play high graphics games then, try to buy 240-360 Hz refresh rate gaming monitor.

3.) Response time

Response time is the time taken by the pixels to change its color to display the change in game. It doesn’t seem much important property to affect the gameplay. But response time definitely affect the gameplay. Normal games can’t able to identify the issue but professional gamers can easily identify the issue. If you play any high graphics game then, response time play an important role because it determine the representation of graphics. You should always consider low response time for professional gaming.

4.) Panel Type

There are mainly three types of panels are used in most of the gaming monitor. IPS, TN & VA are the three different panels which are used in gaming monitor to provide the best viewing experience. IPS panel is best among three of these panels because this panel have amazing feature to provide better color reproduction, better viewing angles and longer lifespan. IPS panel also have better sunlight visibility which provide good gaming experience in any lightening condition.

TN panel is also used in most gaming monitor because of its low latency than IPS panel. Definitely its color reproduction is worse among three of these panels. One more property which make it good for gaming monitor is low power consumption. If you want to buy budget gaming monitor then, you may find the TN panel because its cheaper than IPS panel.

VA panel is the last and third most used panel in gaming monitor. This panel is better than TN and worse than IPS. VA panel have better contrast ratio than IPS but it doesn’t have better viewing angles. VA panel is budget friendly panel they have slow response rate so, you may face issue like trailing and ghosting. Overall, IPS panel is the best panel for gaming monitor but its very expensive. if are not able spend more money then, you can also consider VA and TN panel for budget gaming monitor.

5.) Color

Color of any display is the important property. A good display should present proper color to provide good graphics of any game. Some gaming monitor have high saturation level their color is very attractive but it may cause some issue while playing games. You must consider accurate color production and also consider the accurate viewing angle to provide immersive gaming experience.

6.) Build Quality

Build Quality of any product is the important property which determine the durability of any product. You must consider the small bezels and the body should be made from high quality plastic. Display of gaming monitor should be anti reflective and scratch resistant. There are lots of gaming monitor are available with different kind of protection which prevent the display from cracking when accidently hit by sharp object. Overall, try to buy best build quality gaming monitor for better durability and performance.

7.) Ports

Ports are the important part of any gaming monitor which determine the connectivity. A good gaming monitor should have USB, HDMI and USB type C ports and other small ports to connect the external speakers. Gaming monitor should have proper compatibility to easily connect with window & mac OS.

A Short Comparison of All the Gaming Monitor

Gaming MonitorScreen ResolutionRefresh RateScreen SizeBUY NOW
Gigabyte G27F Gaming Monitor1920 X 1080 Pixels144 Hz27 InchCheck Price
Samsung 28 inch Computer Monitor3840 X 2160 Pixels60 Hz28 Inch Check Price
SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Curved Gaming Monitor2560 X 1440 Pixels240 Hz27 Inch Check Price
LG Ultragear Curved Gaming Monitor2160 X 1080 Pixels144 Hz34 Inch Check Price
ASUS 27-inch Gaming Monitor1920 X 1080 Pixels165 Hz27 Inch Check Price

List of Top 5 Best Gaming Monitor in India 2022

1.) Gigabyte G27F Gaming Monitor

Gigabyte G27F Gaming Monitor is one of the best gaming monitor for smooth & immersive gaming experience. This gaming monitor have 27 inch FHD IPS display with 144Hz refresh rate. This gaming monitor can easily render high graphics with smoothness which provide immersive gaming experience. Color accuracy of this gaming monitor is amazing. This gaming monitor have studio grade 125% sRGB and 95% DCI-P3 color Gamut for amazing colors of games.

This gaming monitor have AMD free-sync which provide smoother gameplay than standard monitors. It also have GIGABYTE Classical Tactical features with OSD sidekick. This gaming monitor comes with ergonomic design with tilt and height adjustments. You can easily adjust the height and angle of tilt according to your comfort level.

Most of the gamers spend a long time while playing games and playing games for such a long time may cause eye vision problems. So, this gaming monitor also have low blue light and flicker free features to prevent the eye from different problems. This gaming monitor also have 2 internal speakers. Speakers are not good enough for professional gaming, you need to use external speakers. Overall, this gaming monitor is best for beginners as well as professional gamers.

Gigabyte G27F Gaming monitor
  • IPS panel with excellent viewing angles.
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • AMD Free-Sync premium support
  • It lacks HDR
  • It does not lean anyways

2.) Samsung 28 Inch Computer Monitor

Samsung is one of the best display manufacturer company in the whole world. Samsung’s display have different level of color accuracy and contrast level. This gaming monitor also have such quality to improve your gaming experience. This gaming monitor have 28 inch Ultra HD display with 60 Hz refresh rate. This gaming monitor have TN panel which lacks viewing angle and also this gaming monitor have low refresh rate than other monitors in this list. But this gaming monitor provide amazing visuals of games because of its Ultra HD display.

This gaming monitor is very compatible with almost all type of devices. This gaming monitor have 1 display port, 2 HDMI port and 1 headphone port for proper connectivity. You can connect this gaming monitor with windows and mac both and it works smoothly with both of the operating system. The given aspect ratio in this gaming monitor is 16:9 which is the best aspect ratio for gaming. Brightness of this gaming monitor is awesome. This gaming monitor have 370 nits brightness which is good for any type of monitor.

Build quality of this gaming monitor is also good. This gaming monitor also have low blue light and flicker free technology to provide stable and smooth visuals which prevent the eye from any type of problem. We recommend this gaming monitor for those gamers who play high graphics and low refresh rate games. You can also play online multiplayer games on this monitor, it provide decent gaming experience for high refresh rate games also. Overall, good gaming monitor for moderate gamers. Refresh rate of this monitor is not good enough but color accuracy and connectivity is good.

Samsung 28 Inch Computer Monitor
  • Ultra HD monitor for best gaming experience
  • Bright and vivid display
  • Dual HDMI ports for multi connectivity
  • Less appealing viewing angle
  • Less sturdy stand

3.) Samsung Odyssey G7 Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung odyssey G7 curved gaming monitor is the best gaming monitor in this list of top 5 best gaming monitor in India 2022. This gaming monitor have WQHD resolution which provide the incredible details of the games. Refresh rate of this gaming monitor is amazing. This gaming monitor have 240 Hz refresh rate which provide the smoothest gaming experience. You can play any type of high graphics games in this gaming monitor. This gaming monitor have curved display which provide more immersive experience than standard monitors.

This gaming monitor have NVIDIA G-sync & FREESYNC support which improve the smoothness gaming and provide you the best graphics. You can feel every frames and smoothness of this monitor. This gaming monitor have QLED technology which ensures pixel perfect picture quality and provide the best accuracy of colors. Colors of this gaming monitor is amazing, it provide vivid & bright visuals which improve the gaming experience.

This gaming monitor is specially build for professionals gamers. Contrast ratio of this gaming monitor is excellent. You can easily spot the enemies in this monitor and have lots of amazing features to provide the best gaming experience. This gaming also prevent the eye from any type of eye strain while playing games for long time. Overall, this gaming monitor is best for professionals. You can play any type of game. This gaming monitor is little expensive than other monitors but it provide the best graphics visuals. We recommend you to buy this gaming monitor if you want to buy the best monitor for long time.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Outstanding response time
  • Great contrast ratio
  • Native Free-sync support
  • Exceptional gradient handling
  • Doesn’t get very bright in HDR
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Limited swivel and tilt range

4.) LG Ultragear Curved Gaming Monitor

LG ultragear curved gaming monitor is different type of gaming monitor because of its aspect ratio. This gaming monitor have 34 inch ultrawide curved screen with WFHD resolution. This gaming monitor is not suitable for all types of games. But this gaming monitor works amazing with some specific games because of its unique aspect ratio. This gaming monitor also have G-sync support which provide smooth gameplay experience.

Refresh rate of this gaming monitor is 144 Hz which is neither the best nor the worst. This refresh rate is good for playing any game. Response time of this gaming monitor is also good provide amazing gaming visuals. This gaming monitor have HDR 10 with sRGB 99% IPS screen for natural and accurate colors. Brightness and contrast of this gaming monitor is amazing and you can easily identify different colors in the games.

This gaming monitor have enough capability to render the graphics of most of the games. This gaming monitor have all types of important ports like 2 HDMI, display port & headphones port for proper connectivity. Build quality of this gaming monitor is good. Height adjustable stand is also given to adjust the height according to your requirement. Ultrawide curved display provide more immersive gaming experience than standard gaming monitor. There are different modes are also available to make it suitable for different purpose like custom game mode, FPS RTS and reader mode. Overall, this gaming monitor have amazing display quality with ultrawide screen for specific type of gaming.

LG Ultragear Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Low response time with high refresh rate
  • Bright, vivid 34-inch curved display
  • Support AMD free-sync
  • Vibrant colors and wide viewing angles
  • Low pixel density
  • Doesn’t swivel

5.) ASUS 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

ASUS 27-inch Full HD gaming monitor is good monitor for amazing gaming experience. If you don’t want to spend more to buy Samsung monitors then, you can consider this gaming monitor. This gaming monitor have 27 inch FHD display with 165 Hz refresh rate which is good for professional as well as moderate gaming. Adaptive sync technology is also given to prevent the choppy frames and provide the smooth tear-free gaming experience.

This gaming monitor have variable refresh rate feature to change the refresh rate according to your need. Response time of this monitor is only 05ms which is quite good and AUSU Extreme Low Motion Blur technology is also given which reduce ghosting and motion blur. These features make this gaming monitor unique for awesome gaming experience.

This gaming monitor have special fast game technology which reduce the slow response or lag and make faster response which are send by the end devices to the gaming monitor. This gaming monitor also have eye prevention technology which reduce the eye strain and lows blue light prevent the weakness of the eyes. Overall, good alternative for Samsung 28 inch gaming monitor, you can buy this gaming monitor if you want amazing color accuracy with good refresh rate. This gaming monitor have enough features to provide amazing gaming experience.

ASUS 27-Inch Gaming Monitor
  • Adjustable refresh rate from 144 to 165 Hz
  • ASUS special eye care technology to prevent eye vision
  • Support G-sync
  • Great response time with color accuracy
  • Less wide viewing angles
  • Low pixel density

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.) Is higher refresh rate compulsory for gaming ?

There is not compulsion to buy a higher refresh rate gaming monitor but refresh rate definitely affect the gameplay. Basically refresh rate determine the number of frames shown in a minute. If you have higher refresh rate monitor then, you see all the graphics and movement in smooth way and find it easier to react faster than a low refresh rate display. Refresh rate affect the gameplay of professional gamers if they are playing high graphics online multiplayer games like PUBG, Call of Duty & GTA V. Overall, refresh rate affect the gameplay experience too much but if you don’t want to spend much then, try to get the highest refresh rate gaming monitor in your budget.

Question 2.) How does screen resolution affect the gaming experience ?

Screen resolution is very important quality of any gaming monitor. Basically gaming monitor determine the sharpness in the gameplay visuals. Higher the screen resolution of monitor sharper and clearer visuals of gameplay. So, it affect the gaming experience because if you are able to watch clear visuals then, it will be easy to act faster with precision. But only higher screen resolution gaming monitor is not compulsory for better gaming experience. You must have high performance processor and GPU to render high resolution graphics. Most of the gamers choose 1080 pixels to 1440 pixels because high performance processor and GPU can render easily this level of graphics. But professional gamers choose 4K monitors which is very expensive and need a very powerful machine to render the 4K graphics of any games. If you want to buy gaming monitor then, try to find the 1080 to 1440 pixels monitor with highest refresh rate in your budget.

Question 3.) Which type of Aspect ratio best for gaming ?

There are lots of different type of monitors are available with different aspect ratio like 21:9, 16:9, 32:9 and many more. There are different advantages and disadvantages of different aspect ratio. Most of the gamers use 16:9 aspect ratio because almost all types of online and offline gamers supported in this aspect ration. Some gamers use 21:9 for playing some specific games because it provide larger and wider screen view than standard monitor but there are lots of games are not supported in this aspect ratio. So, if you want to buy gaming monitor then, always choose 16:9 aspect ratio for easily playing almost all types of games with good visuals for amazing gaming experience.

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