Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse in India 2022

Gaming is improving in India day by day. E-sports become one of the most important part of lots of content creator. For gaming, you need different type of control devices which improve your gaming experience. There are lots of different type of gaming mouse, gaming keyboard and other gaming controllers are available. Gaming mouse is also one of the important controller while gaming. You can also use normal or regular mouse for gaming but gaming mouse have amazing control. If you are looking for gaming mouse for playing battleground or any other multiplayer gamers then, you are at right place. In this post, you will find the best gaming mouse with amazing looks and performance.

We have created a list of top 5 best gaming mouse in India 2022. This list is created on the basis of different property including build quality, control quality, button sensitivity and many more. Let’s start the list of best gaming mouse. But before going to the list let’s find out some important information about gaming mouse like what is gaming mouse ? Why we need to use gaming mouse instead of normal mouse ? What should we keep in mind while purchasing new gaming mouse ?

What is Gaming Mouse ?

Gaming mouse is also normal desktop mouse with some extra control and adjustment. Gaming mouse have adjustable sensitivity which is configurable as the number of dots per inch (DPI). DPI may be new term for new users. DPI can be defined as the higher the number of DPI farther the cursor moves on screen with the same amount of mouse movement. In gaming, generally DPI is set to 1000 DPI or more which help gamers to make quick movement. While lower DPI is also used for slow and precise movements. Higher DPI mouse is also used for gaming in monitors with higher screen resolution.

Why Gaming Mouse is used for gaming instead of Normal Mouse ?

There is no any compulsion of using any gaming mouse for gaming. Although for professional gaming you need to use gaming mouse instead of normal mouse because gaming mouse have adjustable sensitivity which you can adjust for proper control over game. Gaming mouse have extra controls and programmable buttons which you can assign for different type of action in games. Gaming mouse have higher and better response rate which help while gaming for any gamer. There are two different type of sensors are used in the mouse & this sensors also matters for better performance of any mouse. Gaming mouse always provide comfortable and more controllable gaming experience.

Important Things to Consider while Purchasing Gaming Mouse

1.) Sensor

Sensor is the most important part of any mouse without sensor mouse can’t work. Because sensor track the motion of mouse on a surface and convert those movement into the movement of cursor on computer screen. There are mainly two different type of sensor are used in mouse for working. One is optical sensor and other is laser sensor. Both the sensors works very well while gaming and provide good gaming experience. Sometime optical mouse is not able to work properly on shiny mirror like surface. On the other hand, laser mouse works smoothly on any surface and provide great performance.

2.) DPI

You must have heard about DPI while purchasing new gaming mouse or regular mouse. DPI is one of the important property to determine the performance of mouse. DPI means dots per inch which determine the sensitivity of mouse. Higher DPI means higher the sensitivity of mouse and movement of cursor is very fast. Lower DPI means lower the sensitivity and allows for small and accurate movement of the cursor. There are lots of mouse available with different DPI value. Some mouse have fixed DPI some mouse have adjustable DPI you can adjust their DPI as per your need. Gaming mouse always have higher and adjustable DPI.

3.) Poll Rate

Poll rate is another important property of gaming mouse. A mouse has to report its position to computer in a consistent number and this number is known as poll rate. Higher the poll rate means computer will respond quickly to the movement of mouse. Like frequency it’s also measured in Hz. If any mouse have 1000Hz poll rate means mouse has to report it’s position to computer 1000 times in a second. Sometime if your computer processor is not capable to handle the frequent update of its position then, it may lag your computer.

4.) Build

Build Quality of a gaming mouse is also important thing to consider while purchasing. Build quality should be good and feels good in the hand while playing. The whole design of mouse and shape of the mouse should be very comfortable to use for long time. In a gaming mouse there are lots of different buttons are also available for extra control over game. These buttons should be easy to use while using scroll and main mouse buttons because these programmable buttons can be used as extra control for games. Always try to find good build quality mouse with high durability.

5.) Wired or Wireless

Gaming mouse is mainly used for playing games. If there is connectivity through wiring then, sometime wire become the problem while fast action in the games. On the other hand, in wireless mouse there is no any limitation of action while playing the games but in the wireless mouse there is a problem of latency while playing the games. You can choose both the mouse with wired or wireless connectivity but always try to find wireless mouse with low latency so that there response should be low.

6.) Programmable Buttons

Gaming mouse also have some programmable buttons for extra control over the games. These programmable can be from 2 to 12 in numbers and these buttons can be assigned to different type of control of games. These keys can be used as hotkeys for the easy and fast control while gaming. Sometime programmable buttons may become issue because in some mouse size of programmable buttons is too small and it is hard to identify and differentiate between two buttons which may create problem while intensive gaming. Always try to find the gaming mouse with proper size of programmable buttons.

7.) RGB Backlight

RGB backlight is not so important for performance but RGB backlight improve the looks of your gaming setup. Looks of your gaming setup also change your mood for good gaming. RGB lights may be programmable and these light can be setup according to use of mouse. You can assign these lights for visibility of buttons in the night. Overall, RGB backlight is not so important for performance but it definitely change the looks and help to identify the mouse buttons in the dark room for easy controls.

A Short Comparison of All the Gaming Mouse

Gaming MouseProgrammable ButtonsLighteningDPIBUY NOW
Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M Optical USB Gaming Mouse6 Buttons7 Colors LED3200 DPICheck Price
Redragon Gainer M610 Wired USB Gaming Mouse7 ButtonsRGB Lights3200 DPICheck Price
Razer DeathAdder V2 Wired Gaming Mouse8 ButtonsRGB Lights20000 DPICheck Price
Redragon Pegasus M705 Wired USB Gaming Mouse6 Buttons5 Colors LED7200 DPICheck Price
HyperX Pulsefire Raid RGB Gaming Mouse11 ButtonsRGB Lights16000 DPICheck Price

List of Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse in India 2022

1.) Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M Optical USB Gaming Mouse

Zeb-Transformer-M is a Optical USB Gaming Mouse. This mouse have 7 different RGB colors mode. Design of this mouse is ergonomic which make it very helpful to hold in the palm and make it comfortable for long time use. Cable of this mouse is braided with durable material to increase the lifespan of mouse.

Build quality of buttons in this mouse is amazing. All the buttons have high precise control over the games. The USB of this mouse is gold plated and provide faster response rate than normal mouse. This mouse also have dedicated buttons for DPI and there is separate forward and backward buttons for easy and faster control.

This gaming mouse is perfect for beginners as there is no need of installation of any driver. Just play and start playing your favorite games. You can change the DPI of mouse according to your need. This gaming mouse also have six programmable buttons which can assign with different action of games to make it easy and faster to control the game with mouse only. These buttons have high precise and faster response time which provide amazing gaming experience for competitive gaming. Overall, one of the best gaming mouse for beginners you can purchase this mouse if you are beginner it will provide you good gaming experience with good build quality.

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M Optical USB Gaming Mouse
  • Just plug & play there’s no need of any driver
  • Braided cable to increase the lifespan
  • Ergonomic design provides a nice grip to the palm
  • Mouse buttons are good and feels nice
  • Scroll wheel is meh at best and it feels bad
  • There’s no any mode to turn off the RGB lights

2.) Redragon Gainer M610 Wired USB Gaming Mouse

Redragon Gainer M610 Wired USB gaming mouse is one of the best mouse for gaming. This gaming mouse have LED Backlit with DPI value up to 3200 DPI. You can change this DPI level according to your need. This gaming also have 6 programmable buttons in which 2 customizable thumb button are available which can be use to adjust the mouse as per user needs. These buttons have textured surface on the upper side which decrease the chances of accidental hits.

This gaming mouse also works with optical sensor. Scroll wheel of this mouse is also have separate LED light to indicate the level of DPI speed. Movement in this mouse is very smooth because of Teflon formula which ensure the excellent gliding experience. Height of the feet of mouse is balanced and feet surface is enlarged for proper hold and use for long time.

All the buttons and scroll wheel are given a perfect shape for easy holding. These buttons and scroll wheel is placed perfectly so that user can use button and scroll wheel simultaneously without any difficulty and provide amazing gaming experience. Overall, good gaming mouse for gamers with good gaming skills. This mouse also have ergonomic design which make it easier to use for long time. You can choose this mouse because it will provide good gaming control with good budget.

Redragon Gainer M610 Wired USB Gaming Mouse
  • Optimal Ergonomic design
  • Scroll wheel lightening as a DPI level indicator is amazing
  • Teflon feet give a very smooth experience
  • Backlight color can’t change independently it will automatically changed with DPI level change

3.) Razer DeathAdder V2 Wired Gaming Mouse

Razer Deathadder V2 wired gaming mouse is amazing gaming mouse. A the name represent it as deathadder this is really a death adder for enemies in multiplayer games. You can get easy kills in the multiplayer games. DPI of this mouse is the main feature of this mouse. DPI of this mouse can go upto 20000 which is too good for gaming mouse. You can control the DPI as per your requirement through DPI adjustable separate buttons.

This gaming mouse use infrared switches for registering buttons presses which improve the response rate of this mouse 3x faster than traditional mechanical switches. This feature definitely improve the gaming experience also because of faster action.

This gaming mouse have immersive and customizable RGB lightning which supports 16.8 million colors. You can sync these lights according to your gameplay. Razer chroma enable peripherals and Philips hue both provide amazing looks to the mouse while using it. This mouse have 8 programmable buttons. You can map these buttons and assign with your favorite action in the games.

Overall, one of the best gaming mouse in this list. This gaming mouse is specially designed and build for professional gamers. Drag free cord of this mouse provide wireless like gaming experience. You can choose this gaming mouse if you are good gamer. This mouse is little expensive but worth it for gaming.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Wired Gaming Mouse
  • Infrared switches in the buttons provide faster response
  • Maximum DPI can goes upto 20000 DPI
  • Not suitable for left handed gamers
  • Not able to customize the mouse settings for Mac

4.) Redragon Pegasus M705 Wired USB Gaming Mouse

Redragon Pegasus M705 wired USB gaming mouse with adjustable DPI button. You can choose any DPI level according to your gaming need. DPI of this gaming mouse can go upto 7200 DPI. This gaming mouse have customizable backlight. You can customize the backlight of the mouse with the help of it’s software.

Build quality of the buttons and scroll wheel is good and specially build for high use. Buttons and scroll wheel of gaming mouse is more used than the regular mouse. Design and build of the mouse is very aggressive with an imitation skin texture anti-slip skin to provide better grip while gaming. This mouse also have teflon formula to ensure the good sliding of the mouse on any surface.

Buttons of this mouse have high quality Omron microbuttons under the main buttons and scroll wheel which improve the feedback speed and accuracy and prevent the buttons from phantom click. 6 programmable buttons are also given which can be assigned to any function of keyboard buttons for easy and faster control over the game. Overall, good gaming mouse for gamers with good gaming skills. You can choose this mouse as this mouse provide good gaming experience and also have amazing looks.

Redragon Pegasus M705 Wired USB Gaming Mouse
  • Affordable
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Upto 7200 DPI
  • 5 color for lightning
  • Build quality is bad

5.) HyperX Pulsefire Raid RGB Gaming Mouse

HyperX Pulsefire Raid RGB gaming mouse is the last mouse in this list. This mouse is amazing because of its 11 programmable buttons. All of the buttons can be assigned to different type of actions for gaming. You can also customize the whole mouse with the help of its advanced customizable NGENUITY software.

This gaming mouse have ergonomic design with comfortable side grips which provide amazing grip while gaming. You can use this mouse for long time with proper comfort. Buttons of this mouse have split buttons design for extreme responsiveness. These buttons have faster and better feedback than average gaming mouse.

This gaming mouse also have customizable RGB light which can be customize with the help of its software. This gaming mouse is compatible with multiple platform. Large skates of this mouse provide good sliding experience. Cable of this mouse is braided with durable material and provide long lifespan. Overall, good mouse for beginners as well as gamers with decent gaming skills. 11 programmable buttons is the extreme advantage you got with this mouse. You can also change the DPI level of this mouse like other. You can choose this mouse if you want a good gaming mouse in budget with advanced customize option.

HyperX Pulsefire Raid RGB Gaming Mouse
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • Wheel tilt inputs
  • Good value
  • Sniper button is out of reach

Our Recommendation Best Gaming Mouse in India:-


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.) Can we use gaming mouse for normal use ?

Yes, we can use gaming mouse for normal use also. As we know gaming mouse have lots of features with amazing looks, amazing build quality and RGB lights is one of the most demanding feature which is available in every gaming mouse. To provide all this feature gaming mouse become very expensive than normal mouse. So, if you are going to do normal task then, why spend more on gaming mouse for normal use. You can buy gaming mouse if you thinking of gaming in future.

Question 2.) Is gaming mouse is compulsory for gaming ?

Answer of this question is may be different for different people. Some people say that gaming mouse is compulsory for gaming because it provide faster and better response, comfortable for long time use and programmable buttons also make gaming easy. On the other hand, some people say that gaming mouse is not compulsory because gaming is not based on a particular device. Gaming is a skill which you need to develop for better gaming. If you have good skills you can perform good with the normal mouse also.

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