Top 5 Best MIDI Keyboard in India 2023

MIDI keyboard is also an important part of any type of studio. MIDI Keyboard is very helpful for creating melodies and beats very easily. We can also create melodies without a MIDI keyboard. But, we have to use our mouse or Qwerty keyboard which is not enough efficient. That’s why the MIDI keyboard is very necessary to create melodies or beats very fast. Are you looking for the best MIDI keyboard for yourself? Then, you are at the right place. We created a list of the Top 5 Best MIDI Keyboards in India. But Before that, Let’s collect some information about MIDI Keyboard


What is MIDI Keyboard & Why we need MIDI Keyboard ?

A MIDI keyboard or controller keyboard is typically a piano-style electronic musical keyboard. There are a lots of different type of MIDI keyboard. Some MIDI Keyboard have extra buttons, wheels and sliders which is used for sending MIDI signals or commands over a USB or MIDI 5-pin cable to other musical devices or computers. As we know, MIDI keyboard is a piano-style keyboard, So it becomes very fast and easy to create any chord or melody.

4 Things to Consider When Buying MIDI Keyboard:-

1.) DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Music Production Software is also known as DAW (digital audio workstation). There are a lot of MIDI keyboard but some MIDI keyboards are specially built for a particular type of Music Production Software. So, if you are going to work on single or multi-software must check whether the MIDI keyboard is supported by that software or not. There a lot of music production software like FL Studio, Ableton Live, and Logic X pro. Always buy a MIDI keyboard which provides you more easy navigation and control in the software.

2.) Number & Size of Keys

There is a lot of MIDI keyboard available with different numbers & sizes of keys. There are mainly 25-key, 49-key, 61-key, and 88-key types of MIDI keyboard. First of all, you need to check what’s your requirement and according to your requirement select the number of keys in a particular MIDI keyboard. Small MIDI keyboards are very easy to handle and you can also carry this type of MIDI keyboard with you in a backpack. On the other hand, a full piano-sized MIDI keyboard requires more space and you can’t carry this type of MIDI keyboard with you every time.

3.) Mixer Controllers

Some MIDI keyboards are very efficient and very effective while creating music or while doing mixing of any song. There are lots of MIDI keyboards are available with mixer controllers also which help in adjusting the mixer panel directly through physical controllers. So, that’s very important to know your requirement and choose the right MIDI keyboard for you. Because if you are going to buy mixer controller separately than this device is also very costly.

4.) Drum Pads

Drum Pads are basically large pressure-sensitive buttons. There are different types of drum pads are available in a different types of MIDI keyboard. These Drum pads are very useful while making beats because it’s very easy to hit drum pads instead of keyboard because of its large buttons. Sometimes you can also assign different type of instruments in the drum pads using music productions software. So, it’s also a very important part of the MIDI keyboard.

A Short Comparison of All MIDI Keyboards:-

MIDI KeyboardsNumbers of KeysTypes of KeysDrum PadsKnobs/FadersBuy Now on Amazon
Akai Professional MPK mini MK325 KeysSynth Action8 Backlit Drum Pads8 KnobsCheck Price
Nektar SE4949 KeysSynth ActionNot AvailableNot AvailableCheck Price
Arturia Mini Lab MK II25 KeysSynth Action8 Backlit Drum Pads16 KnobsCheck Price
M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 3232 KeysSynth Action8 Dynamic Drum Pads8 KnobsCheck Price
Kadence Controller 25 Compact25 KeysSynth Action 8 Dynamic Drum Pads4 KnobsCheck Price

Let’s Checkout the List of Top 5 Best MIDI Keyboard in India:-

1.) Akai Professional MPK mini MK3 MIDI Keyboard

Akai Professional MPK mini MK3 MIDI Keyboard

This MIDI Keyboard has universal compatibility for instant integration with your favorite music production Software. Its compact size makes it an ideal travel companion.

For the beginner, MPK mini is a complete package with every tool you need to create hit songs. For the professional, the MPK mini is the ultimate MIDI keyboard ready to deliver on any musical task.

Drum tracks with 8 pads pulled right from the flagship MPC series. These velocity-sensitive backlit MPC pads provide you with the best drumming experience. This MIDI keyboard is best for beginners.

2.) Nektar SE49 MIDI Keyboard

Nektar SE49 MIDI Keyboard

The Nektar SE49 USB MIDI controller keyboard has all the features you need to start making music with your computer. It is compatible with any MIDI music software. This MIDI keyboard has keys that are easy and expressive to play. Its synth-action keys have 49 velocity-sensitive keys with a defined and firm feel.

Four buttons and one MIDI-assignable fader to the left of the keys make the SE49 even more flexible. Shift the keyboard up or down -3/+4 octaves with multi-colored LED indicators showing the exact status.

These buttons can easily be reassigned to switch MIDI channels, change MIDI programs, or select tracks and browse patches when DAW integration is active. you can activate start, stop and record directly from your keyboard. Best MIDI keyboard for beginners.

3.) Arturia Mini Lab MK II MIDI Keyboard

Arturia Mini Lab MK II MIDI Keyboard

This MIDI Keyboard has 16 knobs for more accuracy and is sensitive to subtle tweaks which helps to capture every detail of your sound. The Pitch Bend touch strip is very smooth with great note accuracy, for effortless slides and bends.

In this MIDI keyboard, Oct- & Oct+ pad LEDs are fixed this makes octaves easier to track and the interface less distracting during your performance or session.

8 Drum pads with touch-sensitive buttons are very responsive and have an RGB backlight which makes them very attractive and enjoyable to work on it. This MIDI keyboard is best for beginners and also can be used in a home studio.

4.) M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 MIDI Keyboard

M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 MIDI Keyboard

The 32-key Axiom AIR Mini 32 gives you the compact format you need for a go-anywhere keyboard controller. This little USB MIDI keyboard is packed with amazing control options. You get eight trigger pads, perfectly placed buttons, and knobs, and even transport controls for your DAW.

You also get Hyper-control automatic-mapping technology which helps to tie it all effortlessly to your music software. You will get full control of music production with the help of this MIDI keyboard. This MIDI keyboard is best for beginners as it has all types of controllers.

5.) Kadence Controller 25 Compact MIDI Keyboard

Kadence Controller 25 Compact

Kadence 25-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller has a lot of features and is easy to use. You can make your amazing music creations whenever you want with the help of a USB connection. This MIDI keyboard has 25 velocity-sensitive keys.

This MIDI keyboard is very easy to connect with your music production software there is no need for an external driver. This MIDI keyboard is powered by a USB connection through a PC so, no other external power supply is needed.

This MIDI keyboard has 8 RGB backlight touch-sensitive drum pads which are very accurate and precise and give you awesome performance while making beats. This MIDI keyboard is best for beginners and also can be used in a home studio.

Our Recommendation Best MIDI Keyboard:-



In this list of top 5 best MIDI keyboard in India, all of the MIDI keyboards have enough capability to provide you best performance according to your need. Although Akai Professional MPK mini MK3 is our personal recommendation for beginners as it has almost all type of controller and this MIDI keyboard give you very accurate and precise performance. Nektar 49 keys MIDI keyboard is good for those beginners who need more no. of keys with a bigger size. In this MIDI keyboard, drum pads are not available but provide you enough control over your music production software.

Arturia Mini Lab MK II is also a good option instead of Akai MPK mini MK3. You can also pick this MIDI keyboard this MIDI have almost every type of control. This MIDI keyboard has less control than Akai MPK mini MK3 but gives you the almost same quality and you can choose this MIDI keyboard according to your need.

M-Audio 32 Key MIDI is for those users who don’t want very small or very large size keyboards. This keyboard has only 32 keys which is not very small and also not very large and very comfortable for small and big music projects. All types of controllers are available you can consider this if, you need more than 25 keys but with small-sized MIDI.

Kadence 25 key MIDI is also a very good MIDI keyboard and for those users who don’t want to invest more in the MIDI keyboard and want a decent quality then, it’s for you. You can purchase all of these MIDI keyboard through the links provided below the description of every MIDI keyboard.


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