Top 5 Best Studio Headphones in India 2022

There are different type of headphones available for different type of work like gaming, music, Music production and many more. In this blog post, we will discuss about Studio monitor headphones which are specially made for music production work. Are you guys looking for best studio monitor headphones for your studio? Then, you are at the right place you’ll find list of best studio headphones which give you amazing sound quality in budget and helps you to easily mix your songs. We have selected best studio headphones on the basis of their performance and budget and created a list of top 5 best studio headphones in India 2022. But before going to the list understand the requirement of studio headphones. Why only studio headphones are used for mixing and music production? Why we can’t use normal high quality headphones for music production ?

What is Studio Headphones ?

Studio headphones are similar in looks like normal headphones. Studio headphones are also known as “Monitor Headphones“. Although it is similar like normal headphones but it’s use is totally different from normal headphones. Studio headphones is used for monitoring the audio while recording. Monitoring is a term which is used in music production which means to listen and analyze the audio quality on the basis of musical and technical aspects.

You can also use studio headphones for listening music and watching movies. Studio headphones are also used for mixing any song or music. You can mix any song easily without any difficulty with the help of perfect studio headphones.

Why Studio Headphones instead of Regular Headphones ?

There are a lots of reason to use a studio monitor headphones instead of regular headphones. As mentioned above, studio headphones are used for monitoring the audio while recording or mixing and we know that for proper monitoring we need that type of headphones which can produce balanced and high quality crystal clear sound.

Let’s discuss four major reason for using studio headphones instead of regular headphones:-

  • Wide and Flat Frequency Response – Studio headphones have wider and flat frequency response which help to produce exactly same sound which is used in a song while recording or mixing. Frequency response range refers to the frequency which can be produced by headphones generally it is between the human audible range from 20Hz – 20KHz. But sometimes frequency range can be wider than the standard frequency range.

Studio monitor headphones have wider frequency range than regular headphones and produce more accurate and clear sound than regular headphones which help to easily identify the high, lows & mids of any music. On the other hand, regular headphones doesn’t have such wide frequency response range so, it is not able to produce such accurate and clear sound some headphones have high treble while some headphones have high bass because of this studio headphones are used instead of regular headphones while recording or mixing the music.

  • No Boosted Bass – As a regular consumer, most of the people enjoy the high bass while listening music and because of this reason most of the regular manufacturing company use the bass boosted driver in the regular headphones. Although frequency response range of some regular headphones are as good as studio monitor headphones yet regular headphones can’t produce the same sound. Because of the bass boosted headphones some instruments are not properly audible in the regular headphones.

On the other hand, Studio monitor headphones doesn’t have such bass boosted driver that’s why it produce accurate bass without any enhancement. If we use any type of kick or thumb like high bass sound it will produce in a proper way due to that all the other instrument which are playing simultaneously are also able to hear properly which help in proper sound or vocal recording & also help in proper mixing of the song. That’s why studio monitor headphones are always recommended and used while recording or mixing of music.

  • More Comfortable to Wear – As we know, studio headphones are specially build for studio work for professionals, musician and artists. If you are going to record any song then, it will take a lot of time some time it takes very long time. That’s why studio monitor headphones manufacturing company ensure the maximum comfort in their headphones so, it is easy to wear the headphones for longer time without any itching or pain. Studio monitor headphones always comes with most comfortable material on their earcups which fit on the ear comfortably without any gap to maintain the least background noise and provide extreme comfort for long time.

On the other hand, regular headphones are not much comfortable as studio monitor headphones. Some of the regular headphones are so much uncomfortable that you can’t wear the headphones for couple of hours continuously. That’s why studio headphones are always used to work in the studio because it takes long time to record and mix the music if you are not comfortable while doing the work you are not able to do your best.

  • Quite Robust – Studio headphones are specially used for professional studio work for recording or mixing the music. Studio headphones are also used while live shows to properly mix the live music. It is clear that studio headphones are used very frequently and it’s usage is more than regular headphones that’s why studio headphones have better built quality which help to maintain the quality for longer time period. Studio headphones are build with the stronger and more durable materials. You can also notice that the connecting cables of studio headphones are longer, thicker than the regular headphones which helps to protect the wire from tugging, pulling or tangles.

On the other hand, regular headphones also have amazing build quality but it can never match the build quality of professional studio monitor headphones. Regular headphones doesn’t have longer and thicker connecting wire which may be cause problem while recording specially in live shows. That’s why studio monitor headphones are always recommended to use for professional music production work in live show or in studios.

These are the four main reason to use studio monitor headphones instead of regular headphones. Always buy any headphones on the basis of this qualities to get the best professional studio headphones.

A Short Comparison of All the Studio Headphones

Studio HeadphonesFrequency RangeConnection TypeNominal ImpedanceBUY NOW
Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Studio Headphones8Hz – 25KHz3.5 / 6.3mm64 ΩCheck Price
AKG K72 Close-Back Studio Headphones16Hz – 20KHz3.5 / 6.3mm32 Ω Check Price
Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Studio Headphones15Hz – 20KHz3.5 / 6.3mm47 Ω Check Price
Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones20Hz – 20KHz3.5mm64 Ω Check Price
Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones10Hz – 22KHz6.3mm44 Ω Check Price

List of Top 5 Best Studio Headphones in India 2022

1.) Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Studio Headphones

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Studio Headphones are very efficient headphones that can be used with mobile phone also with full volume. First of all, build quality of this studio headphones is good. Although whole headphones is made of all-plastic build yet it feels very robust. The headband is firm yet very flexible. The joints used in the earcups are amazing. You can bend the earcups in any direction without any cracking noise coming from the joints. Cable is not detachable which may be issue for some users.

Sound quality of this headphones is awesome. The frequency response range of this headphones is amazing and can produce amazing sound with crystal clear sound without any overlapping of high, lows and mids. It manage whole music very accurately and produce exact same sound which helps to determine the instruments and helps to record or mix the music properly.

Comfort is one of the most important thing in an studio monitor headphones because user has to use this headphones for long time then, it should be comfortable for long time use. If we talk about comfort in this headphones then, it works great. This headphones is also comfortable for long time some users may find the firm grip off the headphones after long time which may be irritating for few users. Overall, amazing headphones for studio work. One of the best Studio monitor headphones for professionals as well as beginners. We personally recommend you this headphones if you are professional musician, artists.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Studio Headphones
  • Neutral Frequency Response
  • Increased high frequency extension
  • Relatively neutral sound
  • Robust build
  • No detachable cable
  • Poor adaptiveness in low end

2.) AKG K72 Close-Back Studio Headphones

AKG K72 Close Back Studio headphones is an budget studio headphones and specially build for those people who don’t want to spend much on studio headphones. According to their price range, this headphones works very well and provide good experience. If we talk about it’s build quality and design then, it is not heavily build like other heavy headphones but their build quality is also good according to price. This headphones is very lightweight because of all plastic build. Earcups are very comfortable and don’t sit over your ears. 3 meter long chord is coated with rubber. Overall, good build quality and provide good looks to the headphones.

Sound quality is also good but bass in this headphones is higher than expected which feels pretty good while listening music but when we tried to record or mix some music then, this bass overpower the high and mids. Because of it’s high bass mixing is bit difficult in this headphones sometime while mixing beat music whole music sound very confusing because of bass. This headphones is good for classical symphonies and cool bollywood music.

Now if we talk about the comfort then, this headphones is amazing in this part. This headphones is very comfortable for long time use because of it’s light weight and soft build quality. Earcups of this headphones are bigger than average So, it can easily cover your whole ear without hanging on the ears. Overall, good headphones you can purchase this headphones for listening any music but if you are going to do the studio work then, you can face few problem while mixing. Consider other Studio headphones for professionals studio work but if you are not willing to spend more then, you can choose this headphones. This headphones also give you good audio quality and also very comfortable for long term use.

AKG K72 Close-Back Studio Headphones
  • Good Design and Build
  • Lots of booming bass
  • Very comfortable
  • Weak mids
  • Average soundstage
  • Bass can be overpowering

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3.) Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Studio Headphones

Audio Technica ATH-M20x Studio Headphones is mostly made of plastics. Earcups of this headphones are in oval shape. Rexine cushions are used on the earcups which are very soft and cover the ears properly. The headband of this headphones also covered with the rexine cushions which ensures the maximum comfort while using for the long-time. The connecting wire of this headphones is 4 meter long and covered with thick material which provide it a sturdy looks. Overall, build quality is too good and provide full comfort while it’s use.

Sound quality of this headphones is amazing. This studio headphones produce crystal clear sound. There is no any enhancement in the sound proper flat and accurate sound which helps in the mixing of the song. The headphones properly maintain the high and lows without any muddy sound. You can easily hear all the instruments and make your music full creative according to you. Sound staging in this headphones is good. Noise isolation is also good but not great. Overall, Awesome sound quality and provide great experience while doing work in music studio.

Comfort in this headphones is most attractive part of this headphones. Earcups and headband are totally covered with rexine cushions which are very soft and provide total comfort. You can easily wear and use this headphones for 5 or 6 hours continuously without any irritation or pain. Overall, good studio monitor headphones with amazing sound quality and comfort is also very good. You can choose this headphones for your professional music work like recording, mixing and also can be used in live shows.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Studio Headphones
  • Comfortable earcups
  • Great treble
  • Flat sound definition
  • Soundstaging is average

4.) Behringer HPS300 Studio Headphones

Behringer HPS300 Studio Headphones is a good alternative of AKG K2 headphones which is discussed earlier in this post. This headphones is build with plastic and durable material. Earcups are in the oval shape & bigger in size and easily cover the ears. The headband of this headphones is padded and comfortable. The connecting wire of this headphones is not detachable. The connecting wire of this headphones is 6 feet long and thin than other studio headphones.

Sound quality of this studio headphones is also good according to price range. Frequency response range of this headphones is good and provide flat balanced sound which is very helpful for mixing the music. Bass of this headphones is not good enough you may feel muddy lows while recording or mixing the music. Overall, decent sound quality and you can use this headphones for small budget music studio.

This headphones are very comfortable because of it’s light weight and noise isolation work well because it fits well on the ears. Sound quality is also decent and build quality is also good. Overall, best budget studio headphones available in this price range. You can choose this headphones if you are looking for budget headphones.

Behringer HPS300 Studio Headphones
  • Very Affordable
  • Good sound quality in this price
  • Very comfortable
  • Lacks noise isolation
  • Plastic feels little cheap
  • Gets distorted at high volume

5.) Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones

Shure SRH440 Professional Studio headphones are perfect alternative of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones. This headphones is have good build quality. This headphones looks heavily build. The headband of this headphones are very comfortable because of its covering with the soft material. Earcups of this headphones are larger in size which can easily cover the ears and soft cushions are used over earcups which provide full comfort while using for long time. Cable of this headphones are also detachable and replacable.

Sound quality of this headphones is amazing. This headphones have wide frequency range and produce every sound without any extra enhancement. This headphone provide flat crystal clear sound. High, lows and mids are properly balanced. You can hear every instrument and every details very easily while mixing or recording of any song. Noise isolation of this headphones is also good which reject the ambient background sound.

This studio headphones are specially designed for long time use in the music studio. You can work with this headphones without any pain or irritation for long time. The connecting wire of this headphones is high quality build and you can detach and replace the cable easily. Overall, best studio monitor headphones for professionals music work in studio. You can consider this headphones if you don’t want to buy Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones.

Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones
  • Balanced and clean audio
  • Ideal for home studio recording
  • Detachable cable
  • Affordable Price
  • Overall retro and plastic design
  • Uncomfortable for long-term use

Our Recommendation Best Studio Headphone in India:-


Frequently Asked Questions:-

Question 1.) Are studio monitor headphones suitable for general music listening ?

You can use this headphones for general music listening but Studio monitor headphones have flat and balanced audio output. So, you are not able to enjoy the music in proper way. Because regular headphones have different type of audio driver there is some audio enhancement to make it more attractive to the listeners.

Question 2.) What should be the minimum budget to buy studio monitor headphones ?

Honestly there is not a fixed budget to buy bet studio monitor headphones. If you spend more money you will get more features and comfort. But if we are talking about minimum budget to buy studio monitor headphones which are really useful in mixing or recording then, you should consider between 5000-10000 for best budget studio monitor headphones. Headphones in this price range are enough capable of monitor the audio clearly and give you good experience to mix or record the desired music according to your need.

Question 3.) Which type of studio monitor headphones I should consider for my home studio ?

While purchasing studio monitor headphones you must consider that the headphones cover your entire ear. Try to find those headphones which have wide and flat frequency response range. Some users use noise-cancelling headphones for their work you can also consider noise cancellation property. When you use different type of headphones for long time. You will automatically know your requirement and what’s best gadget for you.

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