Top 5 Best Studio Monitors in India 2022

Hey, do you want to buy new studio monitors or studio speakers for your home studio ? Are you beginner and don’t know about studio monitors/studio speakers ? Don’t worry, you are at the right place. Here we will give proper knowledge about studio monitors/speakers and also recommend you the best studio monitors/speaker for you. As we all know for proper mixing of any type of song, you need best studio monitors/speaker to hear the music clearly which help to mix the music. We created a list of top 5 best studio monitors in India in budget segment. All of these studio monitors have best sound quality with amazing build quality.

4 Things To Consider When Buying Studio Monitors:-

Frequency Response:-

Frequency Response of Studio Monitors

The frequency response range basically tells you how loud the sound can be. It can start from just 20 Hz and go as high as 40KHz. If does not have much to do with the quality of sound. Get a wider frequency response range studio monitor if you want the sound to be loud.

EQ and Room Correction:-

EQ and Room Correction

This related to the acoustics of the room or studio you will place the monitor in. Many studio monitors have some form of EQ in them to tune the sound according to the room. Some even do that digitally to adjust the sound according to your room. Although these features are not necessary but they can improve the quality of sound and spare you from figuring out what is the perfect place for the studio monitor. And the good thing is this feature is often present in pocket-friendly studio monitors too.


Power is perhaps the most important parameter for deciding which studio monitor to get. We are not just talking about the volume but also the quality and range. The higher wattage means that you will hear a louder sound that is more detailed.

Wattage is also related to the head room as a monitor with higher power will give you more head room. Some forms of music with transient details can require more power than your average speakers. If the power is not enough the sound could get distorted so make sure it has ample power to produce the corresponding frequency response without distortion.

Active Studio Monitors:-

Active Studio Monitors

Most studio monitors you will find online and in stores will be active which means they will have amplifiers built into them. The benefit is pretty much self-explanatory as you will not have to find a compatible amplifier as you would have to with a passive workroom monitor. They also save you rack or room space by containing the amp too in the small case of the monitor.

A Short Comparison of All the Studio Monitors:-
Studio MonitorsAudio Wattage (in Watts)Frequency RangeSpeaker Size (in Inches)Monitor Weight (in Kg)Buy Now on Amazon
Adam Audio A5X50 Watts50Hz – 50kHz5.5 Inches6.6 KgCheck Price
JBL Professional 308P MkII 112 Watts37Hz – 24kHz8 Inches17.2 KgCheck Price
Yamaha HS875 Watts38Hz – 30kHz8 Inches10.2 KgCheck Price
KRK RP6G3-NA Rokit 675 Watts38Hz – 35kHz6 Inches19.7 KgCheck Price
M-Audio BX5 D3100 Watts52Hz – 35kHz5 Inches5.6 KgCheck Price

Lets Checkout the List of Top 5 Best Studio Monitors In India:-

1.) Adam Audio A5X Studio Microphone

Adam Audio A5X Studio Microphone

Adam Audio A5X is the most expensive studio monitors in this list but according to it’s price it will give you the best sound quality with minimum distortion.

This studio monitors have widest range of frequency response which helps to give very clear and natural sound. Because of it’s awesome sound quality mixing of any type of song become very easy.

This studio monitor have enough potential to give very professional sound So, this studio monitor can be used for professional studios also.

2.) JBL Professional 308P MkII Studio Monitors

JBL Professional 308P MkII Studio Monitors

JBL Professional 308P MkII have dual integrated custom class-D amplifiers which provide 112 watts of power for high output with wide dynamic range. Because of it’s powerful output with awesome dynamic range sound quality is very clear which helps to hear every beat very clear.

This studio monitor have HF trim switch which adjust the high frequency output according to the studio room. This speakers are very easy to connect and use for any beginner. So, this monitors are one of the best monitors for home studio.

3.) Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor

Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor

Yamaha HS8 Studio monitors is manufactured by one of the leading brand in music industry. This studio monitors have 8 inch of cone woofer with 1 inch of dome tweeter. Frequency response of this studio monitors is 38Hz – 30kHz which is quite good for beginner level monitors.

This studio monitors have maximum of 120 watts of power amplification for high performance. Sound quality of this studio monitors is pretty good. Every instrument is clearly audible while mixing which helps to mix the music in easy way.

This monitors have XLR and TRS phone jack audio inputs which accept balanced sound. So, this monitors are very easy to use for beginner also.

4.) KRK RP6G3-NA Rokit 6 Studio Monitor

KRK RP6G3-NA Rokit 6 Studio Monitor

KRK RP6G3-NA Rokit 6 Studio monitor have 6 inches of speaker size which produce very clear and natural sound of every type of instruments. This studio monitors have wide frequency range of 38Hz – 35kHz which cover full musical spectrum due to which sound of every instrument is very clear.

This studio monitors is very easy to use for any beginners. you can consider this studio monitors if you have low budget this monitors give best sound quality which help to mix your songs in any genre. That’s the best budget studio monitors for beginners and for home studio.

5.) M-Audio BX5 D3 Studio Monitor

M-Audio BX5 D3 Studio Monitor

M-Audio BX5 D3 Studio Monitor have a different type of positioning LED light in the front of speakers which shines brightest at the perfect position. This studio monitors have 5 inch of speaker which deliver outstanding transient response.

The combination of it’s speaker and tweeter dome is too good which helps to give critical details about every instrument with awesome accuracy, So your mixes have the clarity and transparency what you want.

This speaker have ultra wide frequency range of 52Hz – 35kHz which cover full musical spectrum. This monitors is also one of the best studio monitors for beginners and you can use this monitors in home studio.

Our Recommendation Best Studio Monitor:-



All of these studio monitors have enough capability to be used for home studio. All speakers have great sound quality with good clarity. you can pick anyone from this list of best studio monitors. If, you want to buy new studio monitors for long time you should consider Adam Audio A5X. Adam Audio A5X have different level of sound quality you can also purchase this monitors if, you want monitors for professional studio.

JBL & Yamaha HS8 both have almost similar sound quality. But JBL monitors have amazing looks also which definitely increase the decoration of your studio. JBL is more powerful than Yamaha HS8 it doesn’t mean Yamaha HS8 sound is not good. This totally depends on you which brand you consider for yourself.

KRK RP6G3-NA Rokit 6 have amazing sound with great build quality. This studio monitors are recommended for those who are on low budget and wants to buy best monitors for home studio. Then, you can consider this monitors. M-Audio BX5 D3 is also good monitors. This monitor have a lots of features which made this speaker to use very easily for beginner also. you can also consider this monitor, this speaker have unique features which give you different experience while using it. Top 5 Best Studio Monitors in India.

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