Top 5 Best Tripod for YouTube in India 2022

Are you running any YouTube channel or making online content ? Are you making informational videos, vlogging or stories or any other type of video content and searching for best tripod to improve your video quality ? There are lots of professional tripod available for different type of video shoots. In this blog, we’ll talk about the best tripod for beginners as well as professionals. All the tripod are selected on the basis of their build quality, their height, maximum load capacity and most important price of the tripod. All the tripods are best tripod at their price. So, lets start the top 5 best tripod for youtube in India 2022.

Before going to the list of top 5 best tripod for YouTube in India 2022 we’ll need to understand why we need tripod ? and if you need tripod then, which tripod is best for you according to your content ? So, lets start the basic information about tripods for better understanding of tripod for shooting different type of content.

What is Tripod & Why we need to use Tripod ?

Tripod is basically a device to securely and steadily hold the camera or mobile phone to capture the best quality photos and videos. Tripod have three legs to support the whole body. There are lots of different types of tripods are available in the online and offline stores. Some tripod have fixed height and some tripods have the height adjustable legs. Some tripods are also designed and manufactured for a particular type of videos and photos. Initially, tripods are used to allow photographers to capture long exposure photos and stable photos but today, tripods are also used while shooting a stable videos.

Now, why need to use tripods for stable photos or videos rather than hold the camera at desired height with the help of other objects like table, books or any other object just to give support to camera and keep it stable. Tripods are really amazing stuff for any type of content creator. We can also use any object to hold the camera stable but they are not much useful because you can’t change the height according to your need as you can do in the tripods. In tripods, you can also set the camera at any desired angle that’s why tripods are very important for any content creator.

3 Important things to consider when Buying Tripod:-

1.) Height

While purchasing any tripod you must know your requirement about how much height you need to shoot proper videos for your content. There are lots of different tripods are available in different height for different type of content creators. We’ll suggest you to buy tripod with adjustable height because you can use this type of tripod for almost all type of videos. But if you don’t have enough budget and you make stable videos at fixed height then, you can consider tripod with fixed height.

2.) Build Material

Build Quality is one of the most important property of any product. Tripod is very simple device and always try to find those tripods which are good in build quality. Tripods comes in different build material but we’ll recommend you to pick the aluminium built tripod because Aluminium is very light weight and very strong material. Aluminium built tripods are very light weight & strong and their maximum holding capacity is also more than other material.

3.) Maximum Load Weight

Maximum load weight is also very important point to consider when purchasing new tripod because in the professional shoots, the weight of camera is very high and then, if tripod maximum load weight capacity is less than the camera weight then, you are not able to shoot the video with this tripod so, always try to grab some good tripod which can handle at least 5 Kg of weight but if you don’t have enough budget you can also select 1.5kg – 2kg load weight capacity.

A Short Comparison of All the Tripods

TripodHeight (in Inches)MaterialMax Load WeightBUY NOW
AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod50 InchAluminium2 KgCheck Price
DIGITEK DTR 550 LW Tripod70 InchAluminium5 KgCheck Price
Photron Flexible GorillaPod Tripod13 InchABS1.5 KgCheck Price
Digitek DTR 520 BH Professional Tripod60 InchAluminium7 KgCheck Price
KODAK T211 Tripod60 InchAluminium5 KgCheck Price

List of Top 5 Best Tripod for YouTube in India

1.) AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod

AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod is a adjustable-height tripod. This tripod is made of lightweight aluminum which make it very light weight and give the whole tripod a strong build quality.

This tripod is not compatible with mobile phones if you want to use mobile phone then, you have to buy mobile holder separately. You can only use this tripod with DSLR camera. This tripod comes in three different height variants so, if you want to use camera with big then choose the 60 inch height variant.

This tripod have 3-way head which allows for tilt and swivel motion with portrait or landscape options. This tripod have 3-section lever-lock legs for easy height adjustments according to your requirement. One zipper storage bag is also included. Overall, one of the best budget tripod for Youtubers and photographers.

AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod
  • Comes in three different height variants.
  • Very light weight tripod.
  • Build Quality is too good.
  • Not compatible with mobile phone, you need to buy mobile holder separately.

2.) DIGITEK DTR 550 LW Tripod

DIGITEK DTR 550 LW tripod is professional tripod with amazing features for low-light shooting, long exposures, panning shots, panorama and many more. You can easily use this tripod either you’re novice or professional it’s a very user-friendly tripod.

This tripod is compatible with most of the video cameras, digital camera, GoPro devices, smartphone adapters and scopes. This tripod also have three sections for height adjustment of tripod. The build quality of this tripod is excellent. This tripod is made of aluminium which provide strong build quality.

This tripod can be used for almost any type of photography, portraits or video shoots. Maximum load capacity of this tripod is also good it can hold upto 5 Kg weight easily. Overall, best professional tripod for youtubers or any other type of content creator.

  • 70 inch height.
  • Build quality is excellent.
  • Maximum load capacity is good.
  • Compatible with almost all type of camera or smartphone.
  • Mobile holder is little small and may be not able to hold some smartphones.

3.) Photron Flexible Gorillapod Tripod

Photron Flexible Gorillapod tripod is specially made for holding the smartphones. This tripod has the design of OCTOPUS legs which can be twisted into any shape according to your requirement. You can wrap it on bike handles, lamp, tree branch, chair or any place where you want to use it only because of it’s OCTOPUS legs.

This tripod is very small and compact in size. You can carry it within your bag and use it shoot creative vlogs or any type of videos with the help of it. This small tripod have amazing maximum load weight capacity according to it’s size and price range.

This tripod is for travel vloggers because they can use it whenever they want to use because of it’s compact size. Build quality of this tripod is also very good. This tripod is made of ABS plastic which is very light weight and strong. Overall, best tripod for vloggers or frequent travelers.

Photron Flexible Gorillapod Tripod
  • Very compact and light weight.
  • OCTOPUS legs which provide stable holdings on uneven surface.
  • Build quality is good.
  • DSLR camera is not compatible.

4.) Digitek DTR 520 BH Professional Tripod

Digitek DTR 520 BH tripod is professional tripod for low level shooting, panning and DV camera. This tripod have bubble head to fix it properly on surface.

This tripod is very light weight because this tripod is made of Aluminium. Because of Aluminium body it is very strong with light weight. This tripod is for small lens camera. You can use this tripod for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

This tripod is compatible for camcorder and camera only. This tripod is not compatible with smartphones. This tripod have 4 section height adjustable legs for adjusting the height of tripod according to your requirement and which help to easily stabilize the tripod on the uneven surface also. overall, one of the best tripod for professional youtubers. Maximum load weight capacity is 7 Kg which is too good for heavy camera also.

Digitek DTR 520 BH Professional Tripod
  • Tripod height is awesome.
  • Maximum load weight capacity is excellent.
  • Sturdy rubberized legs for more stability on slippery surface.
  • Not compatible with smartphones.

5.) Kodak T211 Tripod

Kodak T211 Tripod is one of the best tripod for video shoots and photography. This tripod is manufactured by one of the most famous company for photography and videos. This tripod is very light weight and build quality of this tripod is too good.

Maximum load weight capacity is good. It can hold upto 5 kg of weight easily. It is compatible with most of the camcorder and camera with small lens. This tripod is also hold smartphone easily. This tripod have light weight strong aluminium body.

You can adjust the height of the tripod with the help of three height adjustable legs. This tripod also feature 3 way pan movement for smooth video and panorama. Anti slip rubber base is also given in this tripod to give more firm grip on the slippery surface. Overall, one of the best tripod for youtube in budget with amazing build quality.

Kodak T211 Tripod
  • Compatible with both the camera and smartphone.
  • 3 way Pan movement is smooth.
  • Rubber base for more firm and stable grip.
  • Maximum load weight capacity is not too good.

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