Some Story Lines Of Bible that mysteriously disappeared

The Bible is full of fascinating stories, some of which have even been confirmed by science to be true.

There are some prominent figures and storylines many of us are familiar with, others seem to have come out of nowhere, and disappear as fast as we turn another Bible page.


The Abel and Cain story is one of the most popular in the Bible. God prefers Abel's offering, so Cain gets jealous and kills his brother.

So what happens to Cain then? Well, God sends him to the Land of Nod, where he then starts a family and builds a city.

But then there is no mention of this mysterious land ever again.

Some scholars believe that the word "Nod" was used as a metaphor, as its origins mean “wandering” or “exile.

It was basically a way for God to send Cain into exile. But again, this is just a hypothesis.

What Do You Think About it??