What is MIDI Keyboard ?

Hello friends, in this blog we will tell about midi keyboard. If you have ever gone to any music studio, then you must have seen that MIDI keyboard and a question must have come in your mind that keyboard? Why is MIDI Keyboard used? Do I even need MIDI? What are the things to keep in mind while buying a MIDI keyboard? So in today’s blog all your questions will be answered and complete information will be given about It. Let’s start today’s blog – What is MIDI Keyboard Full Explanation.

What is MIDI Keyboard and why is it used ?

A MIDI keyboard is also a type of controller, like a normal keyboard and mouse, used in music production. MIDI keyboard is like a piano, it also has black and white keys like a piano, which you can play like a normal piano. There are different types of MIDI keyboards, some MIDI keyboards already have speakers and do not require any other output speakers. These MIDI keyboards have different types of patches, which you can change according to you, and play the sound of your favorite instrument. This type of MIDI keyboard is generally used to learn piano because these MIDI keyboards are very cheap in comparison to piano and people who cannot afford piano use these MIDI keyboards.

What is MIDI Keyboard ?

On the other hand, there are some MIDI keyboards that do not have any kind of speaker and are used by connecting them to the computer. If you have ever been to a music studio, then you must have seen a large controller like a piano that connects directly to the computer with the help of audio card or audio card. This type of MIDI keyboard is normally used to compose music. These midi keyboards are in different sizes, you can take any size according to your studio. This type of MIDI keyboard is not only used for making music, but with its help, different types of beats are also made, for which these MIDI keyboards have other buttons besides black and white buttons, which are explained further.

What is MIDI Keyboard ?

What are the things to keep in mind while buying a MIDI keyboard?

1.) Button size and number

While buying a MIDI keyboard, we should know about our requirement, such as how big or small the MIDI keyboard should be and the number of buttons needed in the MIDI keyboard. You will find many MIDI keyboards in online and offline market which are available in different sizes. The number of buttons in a MIDI keyboard is also different. Most people who like to work with travel are more attracted to the smaller and 25-button MIDI keyboard. Because by keeping the small MIDI keyboard in the bag, you can take it anywhere. On the other hand, people who work in professional studios tend to prefer MIDI keyboards that are larger and have 61 or 88 buttons. Because it is easy to work on big midi keyboards and in these midi keyboards with big buttons there are other different control buttons which are very helpful to make any music. The Akai Professional MPK mini MK3, M-Audio Oxygen Pro 25, and Alesis V-Mini MIDI keyboard are the best among smaller keyboards primarily. On the other hand, the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61, Nektar Impact LX49+, and Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 MIDI keyboards are the best among the larger MIDI keyboards.

2.) Faders

The faders are a very important and beneficial control that helps you mix your music properly. There are many MIDI keyboards available in the market in which faders are given. Usually they are used to increase or decrease the volume of different channels. You can also use these faders to control the EQ level. And you can also connect them to any other control that you want to control. Their number is also different in different MIDI keyboards, in a MIDIboard, they control only one type of thing, on the other hand, in a keyboard, these faders are assignable, which you can control according to you. Mainly Samson Graphite 49, M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61, and Arturia KeyLab Essential 49, MIDIboard is the best MIDIboard with best quality faders.

Faders MDI Keyboard

3.) Knobs

Knobs are also a very important control button of MIDIboard which is in circular shape. They are also used to control the volume, EQ level and effects applied to the vocals or instruments. Their number is also different in different MIDI keyboards like faders. You can easily increase or decrease any effect or EQ level with the help of these knobs. Mainly the M-Audio Oxygen 49 IV, Akai Professional MPK225, and Alesis VI61, MIDI keyboards have the best knobs.

knobs midi keyboard

4.) Drum Pads

Drum pads are a different type of button that is used while making a beat. These drum pads work according to the pressure applied by the hand and some drum pads also have a light which tells us when the drum pads are working while using them. You can also turn off the lights on these drum pads. These buttons are different in different MIDI keyboards, in some MIDI keyboards it works solely for beats, while in other MIDI keyboards you can add them to any other instruments and then play it. | Mainly these are the best drum pads in the Novation Launchkey 61, M-Audio Oxygen Pro 25, and Nektar Panorama T4 MIDI keyboards.

Drum Pads MIDI Keyboard

5.) Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

A digital audio workstation is also an essential part of a midiboard, and sometimes some MIDIboards work well with a limited number of DAWs. That’s why whenever you go to buy a keyboard, make sure to check whether that MIDIboard is right for you or not. Whether the MIDIboard you are using will work with your digital audio workstation. Whenever you go to get a MIDIboard, try to get a MIDIboard that works perfectly with any DAW.

These were some important things that you should always keep in mind while buying MIDI board from online or offline market. Hope you have got all the information related to midi board if you have any question about midiboard then you can ask in comment we will try to answer as soon as possible. If you need any information on any other topic then you can comment or contact us on direct email.

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